Author Guidelines

  1. The article is the author's original work (not plagiarism) and has never been published or is in the process of being published in other media;

  2. Manuscripts can be conceptual, research resumes, or character thoughts;
    Manuscripts can be in Indonesian, English or Arabic;

  3. Manuscripts must be related to education, especially Basic Education;

  4. The writing rules are as follows:

  • Title. Written in capital letters, maximum 15 words and positioned in the middle (centered);
  • Writer's name. Written in full, without title, accompanied by institutional affiliation and e-mail address;
  • Abstract. Written in English and Indonesian, it consists of 100-200 words which include purpose (purpose), methodology (methodology), findings (finding), benefits (significance). Written in one paragraph essay format, not enumerative;
  • Keywords (keywords) between 3-5 words.
  • The systematics of script writing is as follows (after points a-d); 
  • INTRODUCTION; (background, problem formulation, objectives, literature review)
  • REFERENCES (referenced sources only)


  • The citation system is Body Note as follows: author's last name (without title), year of publication, page. Example: (Nata, 2002: 13).
  • The bibliography is written alphabetically. The author's last name is put in front. Example: Nata, Abuddin, Interpretation of Educational Verses, Jakarta: PT RajaGrafindo Persada, 2002.
  • The paper sizes used are HVS 70 grams, A4 size, top margin 3 cm, bottom 3 cm, left 3 cm, and right 3 cm;
  • The length of the manuscript is between 10-15 pages, spaced 1, Times New Roman font, size 12.
  • Reference sources (references) are primarily sourced from journals 80%.

Manuscripts that have been received by the editors will be further studied by means of a 'blind review' by journal review partners.

Any manuscript that does not comply with these writing guidelines will be returned to the author for correction.

The manuscript has been received by the editor, at least one month before the time of publication by including a softcopy (submit process) via the OJS system or email.